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The Home Ground Hub Vision

Home Ground Hub is the provider of sport and social programs that bring our community together. The main beneficiaries of these services are the Community of Yarra, with the focus on the youth of the estates of Fitzroy, Richmond, and Collingwood. These programs are open to all through inclusivity and diversity.

Home Ground Hub wants to centralise the implementation of community services. Our focus is on autonomous decision making to create expanded services that respond to community feedback, providing what they actually need. This decision making will be further enabled by reliable funding streams from the community and our corporate partners.

We will always need help to operate so we call out to those that can help to please let us know. We want to develop a strong network of paid staff, volunteers and corporate entities. Home Ground Hub puts the call out to those that want to help and have the funds and resources to contribute, to please get in touch with us so we can make a real difference.

Tickets for the 2024
Commentators Club Luncheon
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2024 Charity Partner

A new model for community engagement.

Strengthening communities by delivering outstanding social and sports services, leading to the most positive community outcomes.

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